(A word from Sheila Cannon, Owner of WFH Inc.)
"Spring of 2010 I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer.
I needed all the help I could get, one of those being that my home needed to
be dust free and as clean as possible while taking chemo!

I was fortunate enough to own a cleaning company so this was do-able for me,
I realize that there are so many out there that are taking chemo, and/or radiation
and their homes also need to be as clean and dust free as possible. The toll
chemo and radiation takes on our immune systems is major. I am here
to offer my help, in your home free of charge."

Introducing Cleaning For Cancer!
Once a month we will pick one entry and will clean their homes.
This will be entirely paid for by Wife For Hire, Inc and this
covers all labor and materials used in cleaning.

There will be a monthly drawing, if you are selected you will receive a phone call
from Sheila Cannon, and will receive an In-home visit prior to cleaning.

To enter into the Cleaning For Cancer program please call
704-633-9295 and leave a message with your first
and last name, address, telephone number, and remember to mention
Cleaning For Cancer in your message to be entered in the drawing!