Frequently Asked

Wife For Hire Inc, furnishes all cleaning supplies and
 all vacuum cleaners. All supplies needed to fulfill your cleanings.
 We use brand name products and state of the art vacuum cleaners.

Relationship Between Customers and Wife For Hire, Inc.
We do not use contracts. We depend on open communication
and your candid evaluation of our service. If you are happy with
our service, tell a friend. If you are not satisfied tell us Immediately!

Hours of Operation
Our normal working hours are Monday-Friday, from 8am to 5pm
On special jobs, such as spring/fall cleanings, empty houses, windows
or commercial jobs we may schedule some Saturday work.

**Our normal routine is to give you a 30-minute window to let
you the customer know when we will be arriving, we don't
want anyone inconvenienced, we work around you! we offer
weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, spring & fall cleanings**

Example: "Mrs. Cannon, we will be there Thursday afternoon,
between One and One-Thirty"

Should I Be Home When Wife For Hire, Inc. Comes?
Most customers are not at home when we clean, however
if you choose to be, it will not interrupt our services.

Trusting Employee's
Well trained staff that has been employed with WFH for years.
One crew only, always the same friendly, safe, & polite staff members.

How Do We Enter Your Home?
Most customers provide a key and/or security system codes.
All keys and codes are kept locked in our office, and no codes
are stored electronically. Guaranteed!

Are you Licensed, Bonded, or Insured?
Wife For Hire, Inc. covers all employees under worker's insurance
and taxes. We are Licensed through Rowan County, NC
 Insured through Select Customers Insurance of Salisbury, NC
and Bonded with Surity Bond Company of Burlington, NC