Light Cleanings-Seniors Only
(75 Years+ or Limited Fixed Income to be Eligible)

Vacuuming - All carpeted areas thoroughly vacuumed, all
light furniture vacuumed under, and all hardwoods vacuumed.

Dusting - All furniture, mirrors, and pictures dusted.

Cobwebs - Removed from Lights, Fans, and Ceilings.

Mopping - Kitchen, Bathroom, any mop-able floor.

Garbage - Empty all trash and new can liners for home.

Kitchen - Clean the top and outside of the fridge,
also clean all counters, top of stove, microwave, and all cabinets

Windows - Clean front and back storm door in home.

Bathrooms - Clean sinks, cabinet tops, mirrors, dust lights,
also clean commodes inside, out, and behind. Clean all baseboards.
Clean all tubs, sliding shower doors, door tracks, and showers.
Clean soap holders, toothbrush holders and miscellaneous objects.

Bedrooms - Good vacuuming and dusting, ceiling fan and light cleaned.

*We love our customers dearly, especially our seniors! This is
just a generalization of what all we do, we often go above
and beyond so that we can make someone's day a little
easier after WFH has left!*